About Definitely Cool Stuffs

Let us Introduce Ourselves

About Definitely Cool Stuffs!

Definitely Cool Stuffs is a magazine of the coolest products spotted online. We regularly list and feature products and then write something about them on our blog.

Our Mission

From the very beginning until now, Definitely Cool Stuffs have only one mission and that is:

"To raise people’s awareness about the new, trending and definitely cool stuffs on the world today."

We do not intend to spam the Internet and blow the minds of our followers by listing and featuring unnecessary stuffs that seems to be boring and not qualified as cool.

When we decide to list and feature a product, rest assured it is one of the best and coolest out there. Feel free to contact us if you feel we’re spamming and violating something.

Our Staff

The staff of Definitely Cool Stuffs are a bunch of passionate E-Comm enthusiasts and online shoppers that spend most of their time browsing the Internet.

"We have committed ourselves to deliver high quality contents and the coolest list of products to our followers."

How it all came to be

Hi, my name is Radney Miranda and I’m the founder of DefinitelyCoolStuffs.com. Let me tell you a little story about the history of this cool and awesome website.

The Coolest Idea

The idea of creating a website that features the most and definitely cool stuffs spotted online was first came to our mind – me and one of my friend Cj Ador Dionisio way back 2017. Holidays are coming that time when both of us are thinking and brainstorming of something unique and cool gifts that we will be buying for our friends and families to make the holidays more special.

That time, we struggle to look for products that are available online, even though there are lots of online stores to go and look for nowadays. Usually, when we go to an online store, we are getting overwhelmed by the list of products and their categories. They are just too many and lots of links to be clicked. You have to be patient on finding the perfect product to buy as a gift.

So What Happened Next?

The fact that I personally knows how to create websites, I decided to create one that I personally think will benefit most people that also struggle to think and brainstorm ideas about the coolest stuffs to buy for themselves, their friends and their families.

And, wooooot! DefinitelyCoolStuffs.com was born.

Where we are now

At the moment, the team of DefinitelyCoolStuffs.com continues to be cool, innovating and providing the best of the best list of featured products and articles to its beloved followers.

Definitely Cool Stuffs Founder Lead Developer

Radney Miranda

Founder/Lead Developer
Definitely Cool Stuffs Co-Founder

Cj Ador Dionisio

Definitely Cool Stuffs Senior Editor

Colleen Maglasang

Senior Editor
Definitely Cool Stuffs Head of Product Research

Franklin the Alien

Head of Product Research